Welcome to Express Steam

Vacuum Cleaning the New CarpetExcellent customer service is the order of the day for every carpet steam cleaning job that we complete. We've grown weary of modern businesses that treat customers as if they are numbers or just names. Behind every carpet cleaning job is a family or business that depends on us to make their environment cleaner and more pleasant to be in.
The benefits of carpet steam cleaning range from a more beautiful appearance to environmental benefits such as the removal of pesky allergens and hidden dirt that lurks within every carpet. Steam cleaning is much cleaner and more efficient combined with our non-toxic cleaning solutions. We truly believe that our services outpace our competition in a huge number of ways.
Carpet cleaning is both an art and a science and we know how to combine both to get the best job done. Beyond our expert knowledge is top of the line equipment. It goes above and beyond its duty in terms of being the best of its kind and the safest of its kind.
Don't hire just any company to do your carpet steam cleaning. Call us, a family owned company that has years of experience in this field and who treats each and every customer with respect and friendliness. To ask questions or schedule a cleaning, just give us a call at your earliest convenience.