Tile & Grout Cleaning

Marble Tiled FloorDirty tile and grout can make your floors look dingy and neglected. If you need high-quality professional tile & grout cleaning service, call us at Express Steam as soon as you can. We focus on providing our customers with excellent tile and grout cleaning work. We also focus on providing outstanding customer service.

Tile and grout cleaning can keep your flooring in superb shape for longer. It can make your property appear fresher and more attractive to others. It can even make your property a healthier and more desirable space. If you fail to get your tile and grout cleaned, you fail to do away with allergens that can trigger a bunch of unpleasant and frustrating symptoms as well. Sniffling, persistent sneezing and coughing are just a few examples.

We are experienced floor cleaning professionals and are well-versed in tile and grout. We have a lot of tile and grout cleaning experience and training. We know exactly how to care for tile flooring. If you want to recruit assistance from professionals who understand your specific flooring requirements, Express Steam is here for you.

We use cleaning tools and cleaning products that are gentle and safe for tile flooring. If you like treating your flooring well, you’ll trust the cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions that are part of our method. Customer safety is essential.

If you want sparkling tile floors that are the picture of immaculate perfection, call us at Express Steam now to make an appointment. We’re a locally owned company and work with people who appreciate amazing customer service.

Our 6 Step Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

1. Pre Inspection – We inspect the tile and grout of any cracks or chips before cleaning

2. Pre Spray – Our cleaning agent is sprayed down. This will help break down all the dirt, grease, and grime

3. Agitate – We will begin to scrub the grout with a brush to help loosen all dirt

4. Extract– With the power of our equipment, the tile will be steam cleaned with high heat and pressure

5. Clear Seal Grout (optional) – Once the tile and grout have dried, we can seal the grout to help stay clean longer

6. Post Inspection – Once we are finished, we will do a final walk-through to ensure that the customer is satisfied with our service.